292 Wolf Road, Latham, NY

292 Wolf Rd., Albany NY
292 Wolf Rd., Latham, NY

Deal Type: Sale and Lease

Deal Size:  $1,700,000

Deal Summary: Culberson sold a Northeast Regional investor this asset in 2018. At the time the asset had two leased rolling in approximately 3 year from lease execution with DHL and Cintas. The initial goal with this asset was to make it a single tenant building with a substantial increase in the NOI. In 2021, Culberson worked with DHL’s team to renew the lease an improve the NOI by over 20% over the prior rent roll. This was a perfect execution of the initial strategy helping the investor achieve a longer term single tenant lease helping to not only improve the NOI but also cap rate compression because of improved lease term and single tenant deal.

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